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[Known Issue] Chat unreliability in Patch 0.7.3

We have been receiving and investigating reports of chat unreliability since the release of our latest game update, Patch 0.7.3. We have reproduced this issue internally and expect that it will require a patch to address. I don’t yet have an ETA for a solution.

We would like to thank you for the reports and apologize for the inconvenience. While we aren’t currently requesting additional information to help us look into this, I’ll post an update if that changes. We appreciate your patience as we investigate this.


Good to know this has been reproduced! Hope it will be fixed soon!

I just wanted to drop in to provide a quick update.

We continue to investigate the server-side aspects of the situation and have found an issue, though we haven’t yet isolated the cause. I’ll provide updates as I get them.

(It’s 08:10 am where we’re based, for reference.)

Hey everyone, we believe we have found and addressed this issue. But, Im not 100% confident that it’s permanently fixed. If anyone is having issues chatting or not seeing the welcome message after connecting please let us know via this thread. Many thanks

@dharma are you still experiencing this issue by any chance?

Yes, unfortunately. I just tried logging in and have the same situation as before.

Thanks for the quick response, Dharma. I’ve got the team discussing it now.

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Chat working now. Sorry, I thought this was about my MacOS graphics issue- just read the items title…

Haha! That’s completely ok. Let us know if chat stops working for you at any point - we’re afraid that the issue is a bit inconsistent if it is still an issue.

If only I could see my LE screen and not just the UI! It’s very dark for us lonely MacOS users in the LE universe atm!

My world, and welcome to it! :wink: Scott talking to the team about it now :smiley:

Locking thread as the issue it was created for has been resolved.