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Kickstarter account not authorized for Beta access

Hello guys,

I founded LE at the 50 $ tier on Kickstarter and could already play (and enjoy) the Alpha version. Now i learnt about the new patch and I wanted to try out the new build but unfortunately, the launcher says my account is not authorized for Beta access???
Here is a screencopy of the Kickstarter package:


Thank you for supporting us on KickStarter!

I have investigated this for you and found the following;

  • No KickStarter Reward Survey includes the account name NP_Ghost.
  • No KickStarter Reward Survey includes that account’s e-mail address.
  • There is a Reward Survey from a KickStarter account which uses that e-mail address.

It thus appears that you have registered multiple Last Epoch accounts, and are not currently logged into the one associated with your KickStarter pledge - thus the lack of game access.

I would suggest logging into KickStarter and reviewing the account information you provided us there, then reaching out to us directly if you would like to discuss potentially moving the rewards from one account to another. Please be aware that we may need to verify your identity before changing which account a transaction is associated with.

Hmm, yes I think I remeber that I registered twice. Once shortly after the Kickstarter (and forgotten about it) and one when I heard about giving out Steam key.

Ok, retriving the login information for the other account solved it.
My bad, sorry for the inconveniences caused :frowning:

No inconvenience at all!

Thanks for taking the time to post an update. :slight_smile:

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