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Keep Runes/Glyphs in crafting window after use

There are two gripes I have with the crafting window (even with its drop down improvements). Both of these share a mechanical issue that relates to how I use the crafting window.

  1. I almost always want to shatter multiple items in a row.
  2. I almost always want to use multiple Glyphs of Stability or multiple Glyphs of the Guardian in a row while crafting.

However, even though I’m using the same item repeatedly I still have to pick it from the menu for every item I shatter or individual craft attempt.

I would love to see Runes and Glyphs remain in the crafting slot for them after the Forge or Shatter button is pressed so that I don’t have to re-pick the item every time. This mechanic is already present in the crafting window for Affix Shards and feels like a no-brainer to me.

Perhaps it’s not included in order to prevent people from accidentally making mistakes while crafting or shattering items. If this is a worry it would be nice to have an option to opt-into the behavior to keep Runes and Glyphs in the crafting window after use.


I agree, I’d also like to see the glyphs & runes underneath the box they go in rather than having to click on a dropdown then select them…

I believe that whem they last updated the crafting tab there were still many changes coming
I believe the reason they wemt with a mew tab instead if the pop out was cause there are going to be mutiple new runes and glyphs coming in the future. There was a post about this whole topic a few patches back

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I had the same thought, a check-box under the slot to say “keep item in it” when the player wants to do multiple time the same action would be great !

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Yeah, I was just thinking, there’s quite a lot of screen space between the top of the “select modifier/glyph” box & the top of the craft button which could fit quite a few runes & glyphs (with tooltips on hover describing what they do). You could easily fit 3 rows of runes/glyphs & maybe 6 columns with 1 for “clear”.


The space below the slots are used right now for success percents, which is really nice to have front and center, highlighted and easy to see/understand.

Thanks for the comment about past crafting posts boardman, didn’t know the history.

Yes, I’d forgotten about that.

Yea, I would love to see an improvement here, especially to shattering. Maybe even a checkbox that says shatter item instead of having to select the rune. Possibly even a hotkey like ctrl+s click to just shatter things (though having this will probably lead to “I accidentally shattered my thing” which may or may not be good)

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