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Just wanted to thank you guys

Specifically for fixing the issues with loading screens. I used to have my loading screens freeze requiring me to hard exit the game and reload. Pretty often. Hasn’t happened a single time since this patch and the loading screens load twice as fast or even faster on some screens. Great work:) Keep it up.

Now if I could just get my now ancient request (since alpha?) for visual level requirement indicator in the stash(Ie: unwearable items appear faded in red for example). Pleaseeeee. Its such a pain to mouse over every item regardless of its level requirement to see if I can wear it. Hope you understand.
Thanks again.
On a somewhat related note. Any idea on the timeline of possibly having additional stash tabs available in the transaction store? Completely understand if this is not answerable.


They don’t plan to sell stash tabs. They’ve said it would be given free.

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