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Juggernaut Stance speed debuff


Please add something like “if you hit an ennemy recently” to the moove speed debuff.

I am ok and actually enjoy apm intensive gameplay while fighting but having to switch the stance on/off between packs even if it is easily doable is not fun at all and didn’t add anything to the gameplay.

I hope the plan is not to remoove it throught tree nodes because choosing between comfort and efficiency is not a choice I (and I guess many people) want to make.

edit : I am not english native speaker so sorry if my message is poorly written.


I think juggernaut is nicely balanced. The 15% less damage makes a huge difference with very high scaling (ie: late game high arena waves)

In fact Id even say once theres a tree for the skill it will be op:P But no nerfs please;)


I don’t really think your reply addresses his post.

The stance is extremely strong as you say, but as the OP says, the 15% movement speed debuff applying at all times means you have to constantly toggle the stance on and off or put up with the debuff while you’re not fighting. Whatever other balance changes the ability might need, the movement speed debuff should not apply when not in combat.


I think it does. When not in combat. Turn it off ? I have a lot of experience with this. Toggling it constistantly as needed in arena waves in hc. It really isn’t that difficult to do.
Beyond that I think that’s a core part of gameplay using it. Do you expect every skill to be a mindless face roll ? :slight_smile:


It may be ok in arena but while leveling when you destroy a pack then run to the next one it looks like an unnecesary pain. As I said I totally like apm intensive gameplay while fighting but just switching the aura on/off between fight bring nothing to the table in term of gameplay .

Is your brain overheating while pressing one button? I guess no, this is actually mindless. As I said it’s not hard to toggle it off out of combat but it feels clunky and unnecessary.

The post was by no mean about balance .

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