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Judgment - Allies


I was wondering, can’t seem to find it on the wiki nor ingame nor answered here on the forum:

Are you yourself considered an ally for Judgement healing? - It’s difficult to see for me because i heal on block and other sources, and well unsure wether the 50 healing per second applies to me at the moment.

Thx in advance,

Yes, because Judgement’s heal is a ground effect so if you move into it you get healed. Normally, “allies” does not include yourself, unless they state “you & allies”.

it does yes, but you might find its not that much of a help to you.

I ran a pally with healing from judgement and in the end swapped it to additional damage because the heal wasnt really helping me. I was getting so much healing from blocks and other sources that the judgement heal was a waste.

The additional damage felt a better investment

What do you mean by extra damage, you mean the passives?
I was thinking of using it, as judgement is an instant, and then heal every second would proc the Prayer passive in Pally… but yeah the onblock heal from pally is each 3 seconds proc, and the prayer requires each 4 so it would mean it would proc the prayer each time as well (if block % is high enough ofc, or heals from other sources as well)

Probably the skill nodes that provide extra damage to mobs in the Consecrated Ground area rather than the skill nodes that provide extra healing.

Prayer currently has a bug where it doesn’t proc if the heal would over-heal you (ie, you’re missing 10 hp & you heal for 20, that would not proc Prayer) which the devs are aware of & will hopefully fix asap…

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Oh wauw, ok minor bug, but either way I am only level 50 ish, and haven’t taken those nodes yet, so no harm there. But guess they will fix it indeed.

Thx for info!

Divine essence is also bugged (it doesn’t spawn the essences).

i went with Sacred Sword, Searing Faith (which means it no longer heals) and Holy Fire and I also took Purifying Flame

So judgement does more fire damage, ignites enemies and does more damage against ignited enemies

ah true, but i am not scaling fire damage… so unsure whether it would be nice though.

Although going pure physical might be not the way to go for pally…
Which is odd, cuz at bottom of skill tree… it seems to be physical/fire… but on top… all offensive is fire damage based (except the 2 bleed and the generic damage node)

I can confirm on this. I did some testing with Divine Essence and the node seems not to do anything. Neither qualitative (or quantitative, i.e. % increases) neither graphical/animations.
Also there isn’t anything in the status bar.

It doesn’t help that the graphical effect of divine essence is a very small golden blow that orbits your waist.

I made a suggestion related to this in feedback… It would be much easier to see status of skills etc, if there could be an icon etc above the skills bar interface… Some skills already do this, but only a few. This would have the added benefit of allowing the devs to reduce animations around the char to help with performance (could be toggle in settings) AND it would allow players to actually SEE statuses of skills when the screen is too busy. This obviously applies to much more than Judgement here…

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