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Ive solved it!

So been playing the beastmaster alot lately and ive solved its survivalbility problem! Since acolyte can sacrifice minions that are dead the primalist should be able to mind link with his pets and share damage for a short length of time

Example - Primalist activates mind link and 75% of incured damage is instead transfered to closest minion for 3 seconds. This skill has 15 seconds CD

Add it!

Good idea but afaik the BMs pets are rather weak would’nt it kill them even faster? I still think pets with meaningfull taunt options should be a thing like the BM is always lowest prio when it comes to agro as long as his pets life so pets become more meaningfull and it don’t hurt that much to invest in petstats.

Your skill idea is a good first step in the right direction thou.

Id rather a pet went down protecting me then me going dowm. Can always resummon him without progression lost

Well that’s true :smiley: but I still have that feeling that pets in pet builds should be more impactfull then the petmaster. Maybe the next patches will get BM minions buffed a bit more.

Ive actually found a beastmaster build where the pets are extremely powerful. I will break wave 300 with it. Keep dying im the 200s due to my survivability not the pets

Yeah those random attacks kept me from playing minion builds for testing. A group of rats jumping in your face while minions stand beside and watch flowers grow isn’t my cup of tea ^^.

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