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I've sinked so much hours into the game

How do I deal with the horror that there will be a wipe in the future?

By knowing that you’ll enjoy that “new car smell” all over again once the wipe came :wink:
Just like the start of a new season.


By sinking even more of those hours into the game. :slight_smile:


I don’t mind wipes at all - it encourages fresh players to start competing with the old dogs which in return creates more fun challenge for oldies as well.


I mean you can always take a little break from it. I dislike wipes too but it’s part of the beta process.

You have almost one year left to regret. The wipe will be likely on April 2020 (at release)

when Multi Player comes out that will be essentially a wipe. However that will bring in many people to play online with and the journey will be great to do all over again!



Indeed. It will be a totally different game.

I hate seasons honestly I really hope one of the arpgs figures out something different to keep it fresh.

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