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It's Poll Time! Which Skill Tree Do You Want to See Before 0.7.3?

Update: Unfortunately due to a technical issue, the votes for this poll had been reset. I’ve replaced the poll with a screenshot of the results taken a few minutes prior to this occurring.

The results of the poll were;

  • Summon Scorpion: 21
  • Ring of Shields: 20
  • Spriggan Form: 20
  • Forge Strike: 18
  • Soul Feast: 14
  • Frenzy Totem: 8


Which Skill Tree Do You Want to See Before the Patch?

Yesterday we posted the Patch Preview thread for Patch 0.7.3! As our post included the skill trees coming in Patch 0.7.3, we wanted to ask which skill tree you would like to see previewed!

The poll will close at the end of Sunday, and the skill with the most votes will get a preview posted of its tree next week. Only votes on the poll itself will be taken into consideration!


(Please remember changes may be made between the preview being posted and Patch 0.7.3 being released as we continue to playtest and read feedback posted in response to the preview.)

In addition to the tree you choose, we will also be posting a preview of the two new trees for the skills Summon Skeleton and Summon Skeleton Mage prior to releasing Patch 0.7.3.

The previews of Summon Skeleton, Summon Skeleton Mage, and the skill which receives the most votes will be previewed in the same manner as Tempest Strike’s recent preview here.


In this house we feast on souls, or some other crusty memetic joke, to be inserted here.

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The only Ice Skill in the Mage arsenal that doesn’t have a skill tree?

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Voted, but have you guys thought about a javelin type of speciality for the Ranger class? Something similar to the javelin speciality for the Diablo 2 Amazon. It was one of my all-time favorite character builds to play. Just wondering, haven’t been keeping up with the game too much because I want to experience most of it at launch.

I basically vote for anything that isn’t totem or summon :sunglasses:

Show us scoropion and let’s see, if community had some impact on design :slight_smile:

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I’m sure we did :smiley:

Spriggan form here we come! to me its the most interesting skill tree path currently the possibilities are legit endless when predicting!

No more poll? Well I would love for Spriggan form previewed.

  1. Forge strike 2. ROS 3. yes why not the scorpion .Sad for the poll though , i didn’t read forum for 2 days …

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