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Items dropping with incorrect instability

I was under the impression (from my own observations that is) that the instability of an item that drops is based on the number of affix tiers on it, where you get the first 5 for free and then 2 instability per affix tier after that?

So …

2/0/0/0 = 0 instability.
3/3/3/0 would be (9 - 5) * 2 = 8 instability.
7/6/0/0 would be (13 - 5) * 2 = 16 instability.

This works for every item except

4/0/0/0 = 2 instability (bug, should be 0)
4/1/0/0 = 2 instability (bug, should be 0)
5/0/0/0 = 4 instability (bug, should be 0)
5/1/0/0 = 4 instability (bug, should be 2)

All other items with a t5 or t4 on them that have other affix rolls above 1 are ok.

4/1/1/0 = 2 instability = ok.
5/2/0/0 = 4 instability = ok.

Is my maths right, devs?

Are all the items you are comparing here items that you made manually from items that had 0 affixes, or did some already drop that way?

The Instability present on items that drop with affixes on them is lower than if you were to have crafted them yourself from a white item with 0 affixes.

Thanks for the reply.

They were from dropped items, uncrafted, and I was trying to work out the pattern, but I hadn’t got it right.

This was explained better by Tunk in this thread