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Item tooltips on ground too low on the screen

I recently noticed that when you hover over an item on the ground, it’s tooltip appears very low on the screen, out of the bounds of the screen actually.

I tested it again, and it doesn’t seem to happen all the time.

My screen res is 1920x1024

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Is this in windowed or fullscreen mode?

Windowed fullscreen.

i have the same problem in fullscreen windowed mode which is the only mode that allows me to alt tab so thats the mode i have to use

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I have this exact same problem. I use the exclusive fullscreen and have max res. This only happens for items out on the ground. If I open up inventory everything works normal again, close inventory and it shoots the tooltip back to bottom right. Also occasionally tooltips don’t show up at all and then opening inventory “resets” it and I can see tool tips again from items on ground. Just a weird bug overall.

Thank you for the continued reports.

It would be helpful if anyone affected could post their resolution. Thank you @ReimerhArts for already doing so. We believe this may be tied to certain aspect ratios.

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