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Item Implicits/Tiers Values

Let me start with the basic part of my suggestion here: give us a way to see the range Implicits/Crafts can go to. Like, pressing alt shows what is a prefix/suffix, but have it also show the possible range. So we can have an idea how good the drops actually are. (If there is already a way to look at this, someone please tell me, this is killing me.)

Second, and again, as all my suggestions, I know this isn’t the final build and I expect A LOT to change before then, but just in case: rein in some of the values in Implicits/Tier ranges. While running my Shaman I had one monster drop an Imperial Greatsword with +57% minion damage implicit and another drop the same item with +11%! That’s absurd level range for the same drop.

Whilst there’s currently no in game way to see the ranges for equipment affixes, the official wiki has a list.

Seconding your suggestion for an in game display, would be much more convenient.


[quote=“Turi, post:2, topic:15048, full:true”]
Whilst there’s currently no in game way to see the ranges for equipment affixes, the official wiki has a list. [/quote]

Didn’t think about looking at the wiki, thanks. But I did notice something… Body Armour, for example, has a 50% craft bonus per tier, how does the game determine when I get 2 attribute points on T1 since the rolls can only be 1.5? (That is, if you have any idea, but I did get 2 when I rolled my T1 int gear.)

what about making it to where you dont get level 1 items at level 50 or 60 i mean thats basically the same way in every single game out there. no reason for mobs that are level 50 to drop a level 10 sword. etc. or the shop to sell level 9 gear

The game rounds to the nearest whole value, which would be 2.

This is something we are actively working on. :slight_smile:



Sarno is my new favourite. Sorry Luke :frowning:

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Oh damn, I was half expecting DEVs to just ignore me since I’ve been posting non-stop since I started using the forum like some weird coherent bot.

Thanks Sarno, awesome addition! Also, don’t forget to take a look at the Implicits part if possible. (The deal with the Imperial Greatsword I mentioned.)

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But I also got 1 sometimes. That’s why I’m confused.

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