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Item Fractured With 100% Success Chance

Had two items fracture on me tonight with 100% success chance stated in the UI.

We have a fix for at least some cases of this happening ready for our next patch. Could you provide some details just in case?

If it happens again, your log file would be helpful, as well as any runes or glyphs you used on the item.

I had this happening to me a few times already, 100% chance and the item fractures.
I was coming to post as bug but since this was already open, anyway I did check the mod I was trying to craft, was Critical Strike Multiplier, but I’m sure the other times It happened was not this mod for sure.
This bug was reported 24 days ago, and many patches have been released since then, probably not fixed yet.

We did indeed fix some instances of this bug with the start of Beta, but we’ve found some more causes which will be fixed next patch. Thanks!

happened to me aswell twice in my last session. Both times i wanted to craft block chance on a shield that already had some extra block chance. Both fractured with the first shard i tried to craft on them.

this is the first:


This is the second (i think i used a glyph of stability aswell on that one) :


This was the first day ever i played and crafted shields. In the past however i had other gear fracture (with no chance to fracture) aswell. I dont remember which items though.

I have a log file from right after the first shield fractured and another log file from my complete session. But they are 100mb each so i cant upload it here. If the log helps you i can upload it somewhere else.

Which game version was this on? We’ve fixed at least some causes of this issue. You can add a log file to a .zip and upload it somewhere (though of course we hope to fix logs being that big)

It was on the 0.7.0d Patch.

here are the logs:

the output_log1.txt is from right after the first shield fractured and the output_log2.txt is from the whole session and includes both shields fracturing.

Thanks-- we included more fixes in 0.7.0e, but make sure to report back if it still happens after updating!

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