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Item descriptions are wrong?

The description of some items is wrong or do not work, even if you see the end of the video when I compare 2 items and put the mouse pointer on the items equipped still appears the comparison of item which I do not understand, I never saw something like this in other games, is a new system or something is wrong. A ring that gives me 30% of critical change only gives me 1% in which part I’m failing. I don’t speak native English, I’m using a translator, sorry if you don’t understand

I suspect this is you not understanding the terminology (no offense).

The 30% increased crit chance is an increase of 30% of the base crit chance (5%), therefore your modified crit chance = 5% + (5% * 0.3) = 5% + 1% = 6%.

Liath’s Signet gives it’s bonuses while channelling & Maelstrom isn’t a channelled skill. For example, if you were to use that ringowhile channelling, Avalanche (assuming you’ve not taken the Wild Path node), you would see the increased glancing blow and chance to gain ward when hit.

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Ok I got it Thanks so much mate

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