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Item Comparison Tooltip - Confusing Positions

As you can see in my screenshot here, the shop is on the left and my inventory is on the right, but the item I want to buy shows up on the right and my equipped item shows up on the left of the tooltip popup.

This is very confusing. My brain automatically assumes that the item I want to buy is on the left, so the tooltip for that item should be on the left.

I know there’s a banner on the top that tells me which is equipped, but it doesn’t change the fact that I have to fight my intuition each time I look at an item.

Does anybody else think the tooltip positions should be swapped?


Yeah# you’re right. I have to look at the banners every time. Not intuitive.

Ever since I started playing this game I thought the exact same thing. So yes, I would also agree they should be swapped.

Agree. Thank you for pointing this out. I’ll bring it up in an upcoming meeting with the team.

Also, welcome to the community @Kovitikus :slight_smile:


Thanks for the warm welcome.

Now that I have about 8 hours into the game, I also wanted to add that this isn’t just the case with shops, but with the forge and even comparing items on the ground. My equipment is always on the right, but all tooltips show my equipped item on the left.

Of course, I’m sure ya’ll know that if you swap the positions, it should be consistent across the entire game so that people always know which item they are looking at.

Thanks for hearing my feedback.