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Issue with fog of war and re-appearing monsters

If I fully investigate a map, leave, and then come back to that map the minimap has the “fog of war” enabled (as if I never investigated it). The monsters in a given area respawn over and over.

Here is a quick video of what I am experiencing. By looking at the minimap you’ll see that I’ve explored the current area. Then I enter a door and immediately return to where I was. The minimap fog of war is back like I never explored that area.

At this point I don’t feel like I can continue playing since I have to fight through the same content over and over.

This is the currently expected behaviour, but it will be changed in future.

You shouldn’t need to fight through the same content multiple times, however. Between Waypoints and the ability to travel back to where you had been after portaling to town, it should be possible to play through the entirety of the campaign without killing many enemies more than once. Are you regularly portaling to town, or playing across a large number of relatively short sessions (e.g. 10 minutes her,e 15 minutes there) ?

The video you link to is of a character leaving town to enter an adjoining zone. That zone has a Waypoint, so I’m not sure why you’d be entering the zone from there each time. When you’ve fully invetigated the zone, do you not move onto the next one? I’m just finding it a little hard to follow exactly what’s happening here; it isn’t feedback I’ve seen before.

Thank you for your answer.

In my example (in the video) if I go through that door, kill some enemies, go back to my original location (say, to sell some armor), then go back into the same door, ALL of the enemies I killed have respawned. This behavior exists no matter where I go. And again, in that first location the fog of war always resets so it is very difficult to remember the locations I still need to investigate. I can’t think of another arpg that works this way.

If I explore an area, the fog of war status should be remembered and the monsters I’ve killed should stay dead.

Wouldn’t it be quicker to portal back to town, then take the portal to where you had been?

Perhaps, but that’s not the point. My points are:

  1. The fog of war should never reset on an area I’ve already explored.
  2. If I kill enemies in an area they should stay dead - period.

I don’t know how else to explain how broken that is. These are bugs which need attention. At this point, I’m just going to request a Steam refund. I tried… I really did.

I understand your point; I explained in my first post that this will be changed in future.

It is a technical limitation, not a design decision.

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