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Is the game worth it?

Hey guys just another ARPG lover and I want to know if the game is worth buying? I see many many positive comments about it and how the game develops quite well. I also checked steam to see the latest updates and they seem to please people and are quite often so thats another plus but since I am a no lifer I will probably play the heck out of the game if I really love it and I just want to know whats beyond the 6(7 now probably) chapters that the game offers. Like is there any kind of end game farming mechanic or whats happening after? Thanks in advance <3. Also I am sorry if I posted this in the wrong place.

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Currently there is 8 chapters also they added depth monolith system in 0.7.9 (Boss fights etc). There is also Arena for more difficult content (Scales infinitely). There is a lot of theorycrafting and things to do in the game. There are people with over 2-3k hours invested into the game considering it is in beta it is very promising. So is the game worth it in its current state? 100% Yes it is worth it.


While trying to be as objective as possible i would say the game is definitely worth the price, even in it’s current state(and there is still way more to come).

Currently there are 8 Chapters present in the game. The story presentation is not finished yet, but it is an enjoyable first (or maybe a few more) playthrough.
The game is fairly easy to begin with but get’s alot harder as you progress through the story, there are some notable difficulty spieks in the story present currently.

But there is currently enough to make the price/playtime worth it even on “just” one single character i would say.

And if you are a sucker for tons of different alts, you can play dozens of chars so much differetnly(even the same mastery), that you never finish creating a new character.

The currently “endless” endgame modes are Arena, which is as the name suggests and waves based endless mode. You fight waves of mobs until you die. There are also leaderboards present for this game mode.

Second game mode is Monolith Of Fate, which got heavily update with the last major patch.
To boil it down to a quick summary it is basically i mix of rifts and maps, with some slight twists on it. The map variety might not be as big as on other games currently, but the re-playablability is endless. And there are incredible good designed boss fights with telegraphed mechanics similar to real “dungeon/raid content” in MMO’s.

If you are not 100% convinced yet or still have more specific questions about certain stuff, feel free to ask.

TL:DR: Enough content for a single or multiple chars with 2 different endgame modes present currently. Hundreds if not thousands of hours of possible playtime.


You actually managed to sell the game to me. If things really are as you say then I will most probably enjoy the game a lot. I am actually downloading it from steam right now. Thanks for the detailed and quick answer to my question. Oh I heard that there is a weird way of leveling skills in the game as in…if you want to level a different skill from the one you are currently doing so then switch back to your old skill you will have to level it up again or something like that. Seems a bit silly in my opinion. Is that thing still going on?

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Glad to hear that. Welcome to the LE Community then!

That is indeed one of the most hot topics discussed here in the forums. Community is really torn on this. I would not call it “weird”, but it is indeed different to your “usual” aRPG. You basically have up to 5 Skill Specialisation Slots, which each level independently.
If you choose a new skill for a certain slot the skill will begin leveling from lvl 1. But the required exp curve is not linear, but exponential. So when you reskill in the mid/lategame your new skill wil lgain the first few level almost immediately, but they will never catch up with your skills you already have a longer time.

But if i can give you one advice if you are going to start freshly now: Try to go into this game as open-minded and fresh as possible. I don’t know from which games you previously come or what mind-set you have when it comes to aRPG. But LE really does quite a few things differently, some fundamental things. If you are uncertain about some stuff, ask in the chat or forum, but don’t just assume you know how things work, because from my experience that’s where the most “negative” things emerge from, when people try to compare this game with other aRPG’s mechanics etc.

Feel free to ask here if you have more questions, even more specific ones, or just hit me a PM here in the forum.

Glad to see people joining the LE Community. Have fun my dude!

EDIT: Also this game has an awesome feature, which is called “Game Guide”, press G while ingame and it opens up a kind of ingame-lexicon, which contains some very very detailed informations(even though some stuff is still missing)

Oh do not worry I am going in as open minded as I can. It is a game in early access and I am sure it has its issues that are being fixed by the devs. I come from PoE/Grim Dawn/D3/ and Chronicon a game which I recommend. Anyway I will put my time into this game and I will not try to compare it with other games but try to find flaws of the game or things that I think in my opinion should be changed or stuff. Thanks again <3

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I see you already picked it up but I’d second pretty much everything @Heavy said. It’s a great game now, just imagine where it might be going! I’ve got over 300 or so hours into it (small potatoes compared to some) but at the current price you’re looking at pennies per hour for the amount of fun time.

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Hey @ArcticPotato,

Thanks for supporting us! I sincerely hope you enjoy playing Last Epoch.

To touch on a concern you’ve raised;

I would never take advantage of it being the weekend and leak changes coming in an upcoming patch… but… we do listen to community feedback, so keep an eye on the #patch-notes. :wink:


Ohh then I will keep an eye out for that without a doubt and hey on first sight the skill tree for the skills is actually interesting and impressive and I understand the frustration of having to level that up all over again but the idea is amazing.

Whooo… this makes me f…ery curious… Erm, the patch notes link you posted is leading to the old patch notes. Can you please fix this?

Thx :slight_smile:

I think the dev just wanted to guide me to the patch notes page and point my attention to it for when new updates come!

Sarno is teasing us. He’s doing this sometimes. And with sometimes I mean always. :wink:

i guess is useless i jump here but yes it’s worth it

Hey this is going to be a little long winded and in depth so sorry for the wall of text.

Yes you should buy it.



I think it’s a fun game and worth a buy. It’s clearly early access needing some polish and does crash sometimes. Currently priced at £27 I think that’s too high, but I think that’s intentional so you aren’t incentivised to buy the game before it’s finished.

If you’ve ever bought Wolcen… LE is definitely worth buying. Biggest waste of my money buying Wolcen.

My favourite ARPG since Diablo 2. I was a no-lifer, and if anything would bring me back to that, LE would certainly cripple me for long extended times of duration.

And it’s getting better with every patch. I wouldn’t have imagined to be like it is now when I entered early beta, and I can only imagine what it will be a year from now, from the progress I’ve seen so far.


Would pay 200 bucks. Not exaggerating


The game is amazing! I have over 400h and still can’t get enough of it…


I have been playing this game since I saw it’s potential in alpha. I was attracted first by the nitty gritty art style which reminds me of old school mature dark games. Been addicted ever since. I have like 60+ toons, played thousands of hours I would say it’s price is extremely reasonable for how much content you can explore. I think at this point I have tried almost every build combination (yes to fully explore everything it does take that long).

As a game Last Epoch is easy to get into because it feeds you information slowly but it’s not super overwhelming like hardcore ARPGS where it feels like you need a Masters to play the game. They hit the mark on making skills enjoyable while also having pretty deep complexity how they can synergize with each other. If you are a ARPG lover and haven’t played Last Epoch you are missing out.

I would strongly advise if you do choose to play, be part of the community in beta. Join the discord, be active on forums and give feedback. The 30$~ you spend on this game isn’t just for the experience of playing a game early access, its about giving you the opportunity to also help the game grow in a direction for players like you. Give your feedback and you have a chance to put your mark on the finish product which is priceless.


Hired! EHG, add this one to your marketing team lol.