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Is the game too easy? First playthrough

Hello everyone, I just played the game for the first time and it’s alot of fun so far. I am still worried about the difficulty of the game. I installed the game and just jumped into it.
I dind’t watch streams, videos or got any info about this game beside “It’s an ARPG”.

For game mode I went with Solo HC masochist, just to see what it’s like, since it’s the hardest mode available. I just reached the “End of time” at currently level 27 and I didn’t have any close calls or was being challenged by a boss mechanics or anything. Of course I took it slow and tried to learn the game on the way, still…I dind’t feel a real threat or had to fear for my life at any point. I am sure that the “end game” will kill me sooner or later and that the real game starts now, after the campaign, anyway. On the hardest available mode I should not be able to make it that far, going in blindly.

I understand that we’re still in Beta phase and there is alot of balancing and fine tuning to be done, I still wanted to express what I feel right now. The reward and satisfying feeling would be bigger if the game was a bit harder.

Just my toughts, and maybe I was just lucky or bosses were tired or something :smiley:


Hey there!

Increasing the difficulty of the campaign is definitely on our to-do list. :slightly_smiling_face:


nice post. great feedback. I get nervous since I have played through so many times that my viewpoint is skewed but I agree the entire game could use a bump up in difficulty. More debuffs applied to us and more dots would be a good start. Lots of builds also start to 1 shot mobs after a bit. Mob hp could use a bump too.

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Really depends what class you chose to start with and what skills with it. Some classes really struggle in just regular sc


I’ve noticed that all ARPGs can be really easy on Normal mode or the first playthrough…including Diablo 2, 3, Grim Dawn, etc. I usually bump it up a notch when I start to whatever the next mode is. That is a feature that will fix this issue.

Normal story mode of mostly every arpg is easy, this is normal.

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No. If you look on games like Grim Dawn, there is a Veteran mode that can be checked.
Warhammer Chaosbane has a Hard mode. Also, Titan Quest had a more advanced mode you can start with. Easy mode is made for those who have never played an ARPG before or for little kids. It is NOT a normal mode.

I said normal mode is normal. If we had other difficulties, then it wouldnt be normal. Normal should be easy for people who just want to do story. I would definitely want a veteran mode/elite mode, hell mode added in this game like in others

I would tend to agree that the game in its current state is way to easy.

I’d say this is a nonissue for most and shouldn’t be a huge priority. Maybe buff boss hp a bit, sure, but a blanket statement like the entire game is too easy is quite relative and entirely dependent on the mode/toon you’re playing (softcore players will always say every game is too easy). Also, endgame systems are almost always where the majority of a game’s difficulty resides, only plebs die before hitting maps in PoE for example. I’d say working on additional endgame systems and refining existing ones to keep everyone entertained post-campaign would be a traditionally better use of development time in terms of pleasing more people at once. I know me personally, I’m typically only in the campaign of an ARPG in order to get back to endgame as quickly as possible. Just a thought to keep the dialog going :slight_smile:


Of course I’m basing this all on just what we have avaliable at the moment for all I know when it releases things may ramp up a bit or a lot I dont know for sure was just making an observation is all.
I dont play softcore hardly ever and yes the game typically dosent start for me until after the campaign anyway.

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I would welcome a Normal and Hard mode to start first character and then maybe an Epic mode after a full playthrough.

There is “Masochist”-Mode if you look for a challenge. Though I assume, they will balance difficulty and speed you progress through campaign.

Yeah…I’m not sure they should skip from Normal to Masochist mode. That’s a bit extreme without a middle ground.

Test test

I think there’s a few things going on here. There have been a number of buffs go out to ensure that a lot of different specs are viable at end game. I suspect the story mode just hasn’t caught up to those yet.

I also don’t necessarily think the story mode needs to be an exercise in death and frustration. A nice, relaxing intro to the game doesn’t hurt, so long as the challenge is there later (and provided the easy part doesn’t get too tedious).

What you also might be noticing is that deadly attacks are really well telegraphed compared to … some other games. It feels fair. When I die, I know it’s because I screwed up badly; not because some monster off-screen decided to shave off 90% of my health bar, or because visual clutter prevented me from noticing the rate mob’s mega-attack. Without reservation, I salute the devs for this achievement.

I agree. The telegraphs are fun. I enjoy pushing my luck a bit and trying to leap out just before (i hope) the attack triggers.

First of all, you are level 27. You cant judge game to be “too easy” when you are so early in the game. Once you have finished the campaign, you should try monoliths and arena. I am 100% sure, that you will die - plenty of times. Especially in arena.

Play hardcore masochist and try to do monoliths and arena, get high levels, then post video before saying game is too easy :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that the progress is at a okay level in general. I think that the bosses during the play though should be more difficult, however for me the main purpose of the playthough is to tell the story of the game, whereas the end content should be the challenge.

In terms of EX gain I think it’s fine as well, from the perspective of Leagues/Seasons, which will be implemented on release.

If we take the general formula we will be getting a fresh start every 2-3 months, which is enough time to make a 100 level character and optimize gear for both average players and hardcore players.

I really don’t want to be in the same position as PoE where max level is achievable only by the most dedicated players, as this limits the majority of the people who play the game.

Yes, you could argue that after reaching max level the game ends, but I don’t see it like that. Getting to max level does not mean that you have bitten the hardest content, Arena levels will not cap with your level progression, so you would still test the might of your character and get better gear.

In addition the different classes should not be perfectly balanced, as this limits the game, the key is not to have significant gaps in performance. For example look at WoW, when Activision tried to make every class “balanced” all classes become boring (I realize that there are different mechanics in play in MMORPGs)

So please don’t make significant changes to the progress and let us build complete builds instead of calculating to 70 instead of 100, because 80% of the people will not get there before the league ends or it just becomes a tedious task!

Kind Regards,

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