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Is mage pretty much broke

i have noticed no new builds really i am curious if this is because of lack of players playing or lack of mages being played???

look I speak for myself, but to me sincerely although the magician I like as a class, the skills that the magician has and the support given by the legendary to the magician I do not like very much, the only build that I liked was the fire shield autocast fireball , but it was nerfata and now it doesn’t go anymore, so at least for me, I focus on other classes, like: necro lich sentinel etc so maybe that’s why you don’t see many builds for the magician

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See i prefer to use a mage class and i have noticed that after the nerf to black hole i have been struggling to move up in the tiers for end game now i will admit i don’t have the best gear and with the way the game has drop rates for “beta” it makes it difficult to build out different builds. i just feel that mage has not had alot of love

I think it’s because Sorcerer was REALLY good, probably the best in the game early on, so people played it a ton and figured it all out. After the fire shield autocaster got nerfed, there really wasn’t anything else to explore with Sorc, so I think people moved on. It has (all?) its skill trees, and unless there’s a major drop of a game-changing item, I don’t think people are going to spend as much time with the class as others that are getting major reworks, skill trees, items, etc. I just made a Necro because of the changes, and once Rogue/Runemaster/Warlock come out, I’ll definitely be playing them :smiley:

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Yeah, I can’t speak for anybody else, but Sorcerer and Spellblade both used to be really good. I hear they’ve nerfed Sorcerer into oblivion, and I can personally verify that if you manage to get a workable build with Spellblade, and that’s a big if, it’s not much fun.

Keep in mind, by workable build I mean something that can last more than 50 waves or so in the arena, and do pretty much unlimited Monolith runs.

Now that I think about it, I may just be a little salty regarding mages in this game. I’m not sure…

Mage -> Sorcerer is not in a great spot currently. Only very few end game viable builds. Take in mind that there are fire shield and ice ward changes planned which means that the survivability of the sorcerer would potentially get nerfed which will make the situation even worse.

Level 80 Sorcerer

Unless you mean that they have no money - it’s “broken”.


Its beta…since there are not allot of items yet you really cant build one imo…we need character related items for each class so you can farm those items and kinda make a build to your own feeling.

Flame Reave crit Spellblade is pretty powerful actually. Can easily turn half of his hits into crits and take advantage of eye of reen/ring of the third eye.

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