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Is Last Epoch The ONE?


Yes it is. It’s like the D3 that I’ve always wanted.


I’ve been waiting for a game to replace D2 so I hope so. Games like TL1/2 and GD are more single player games for me. Could never get into D3 & PoE.


I would say LAST EPOCH is definitely on the right track to becoming a really great ARPG game. The classes are super super fun and I hope for the game to succeed.


Yes this game is as close to a D2-vibe (while still being it’s own unique take on the genre) as I’ve ever felt outside from very early PoE play and it’s what I’ve been looking for for years! PoE scratched that itch for a long time but for reasons stated above in this thread that has been dwindling. Last Epoch could be the one to fill that void and I’m coming along for the ride.


I’ll wait for the final release to judge, but so far it’s been going in a good direction and I hope for the best


I’ve taken a huge leap of faith betting that Last Epoch is The ONE.

So far, so good :wink:


The visual assets past the alpha content are really nice looking in my opinion. The assets in the swamp, desert, and temple area are phenomenal. Unfortunately a lot of those steam reviews are looking at the assets in the first 1-2 hours of gameplay that were probably made very early in development. But the assets we are seeing in the new areas are awesome and show huge promise.


PAth of exile is really good arpg, maybe the best atthe moment. But sometimes, don’t need compare, something new is just more pleasant to be played. POE exist since a long time and ever with the best adding of new content sometimes we just need something really new, and last epoch seemd to do this well…


I can see you have big faith on LE (nice badges you got there ^^ ).
I have the same faith, just not so much money xD (I’m happy I’ll get the Gladiator pack this month tho).


I was almost surprised when I came to these areas, looking good indeed. And wouldn’t worry about those steam reviews tbh.


If I can only log-in into the game and played it maybe this is the ONE.So many technical issues at this moment.


You should join the discord, someone can probably help you work them out :slight_smile:


One thing that is very important is that the developers are listening but also have a plan. I think all ARPG fans can appreciate variety, and this already feels like a good mix in the current core of ARPG’s. Hopefully they just keep the petal to the medal and focus on executing their launch :smiley:


this just made me instantly hit my back button.
selfmade PRO , well this sounds more like a POE fanboy


No they won’t. CW confirmed it in latest Q&A. There are not gonna be any changes considering the pacing of the game, in fear of losing more players than they would satisfy. And no big changes considering power creep as well, as CW sees it as something inevitable. PoE can still become a lot better with 4.0, but it won’t change it’s approach. So PoE and LE will probably try to satisfy different needs of arpg fans.

As for Lost Ark, it’s not even an arpg. It’s a typical asian mmo. Don’t see any reason it would “compete” with PoE or LE.


I may be a little bias but I certainly think it has great potential.


If you actually read any of the conversation after you’d realize there are many issues lots of us have with PoE and lots of objective criticisms.

Great contribution to the thread though.


i never mention anything about pacing or powercreep
4.0 will bring PoE’s polish up to modern standards, that means it will appeal to more players, there may be other unkown changes that come with 3.7-4.0 which will change the pacing /power creep but the main purpose of 4.0 is to “compete with diablo 4”

the fact the Lost ark is mentioned around the arpg circles is enough to count it as a competitor, if youve ever played it, at its heart its a diablo inspired arpg wrapped around all the typical asian mmo systems, the combat alone is enough to attract arpg players.


I really wished Wolcen could also be successfull.
I also bought into Wolcen but it felt worse than Last Epoch back then.

The whole buff/nerf cycles in wolcen instead of adding content/fixing bugs made me lose hope.
Havent watched into Wolcen since a year or so. I gave up the hope that it will finally go live.


You were responding to Wex saying:


That’s why I brought up those 2 issues. I agree that 4.0 will probably make PoE a lot better. I’m just saying that they going into a different direction from that of LE and probably arpg fans will play both for different reasons.

Lost ark is not an arpg, no matter how is it mentioned. A PoE or LE fan might play it and like it, the same way he might like BDO. But it is not a competitor, unless PoE decides to attract the same crowd and adjust the game that way.