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Is Last Epoch The ONE?


this is all pure speculation on my part, but i think those animation changes are gonna help with the speed based meta, right now the best way to overcome the clunky animations is to stack attack/cast/movement speed

im pretty sure with these changes will come, animation canceling
this will give GGG the chance to slow the game down without crippling the ability to dodge and play mechanically, thats why i mentioned that the game could change fundamentally


Love the game so far and can’t wait for it to be optimized fully. Diablo has the nostalgia thing working for it. You can’t beat nostalgia because people love that stuff.


i’d prefer the pedal to the metal but i completely agree!


They finally launched their beta (Wolcen) like a month ago. Now there’s about 1/10th of the content that existed in Alpha. The skill tree had a few sections removed, and all the nodes are really simplified (3% increased aspd, 10% increased elemental damage, etc), and the notables are like, 30% phys converted to rend damage. It’s GORGEOUS, but it’s soooooooooooooo boring!

Lost Ark is an ARPG. I think PoE’s going to tank, and I think that’s a good thing.


Agreed. I have many many hours into ARPG starting with D1/D2. Still activly playing poe since alpha way back in 2010 i believe. This game has me excited, I played GD and wolcen but LE seems so much ahead already. Keep up the good work! The dev team really speaks to their gaming community which is how POE became the dominate. Cant wait to see what this game holds going forward


It is absolutely THE ONE :slight_smile:
Definitely haven’t had this much fun since Diablo 2 days and WoW with talent trees (which was fun back in the day)


Totally! I think I may be obsessed… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Same here, love your whirlwind build btw, I have a Void Knight with whirlwind and spent yesterday and today to level a new character with your guide, almost lvl 70 now, it’s really good.


Thank you so much! I’ve optimized the passives and skills yet again (as of like 10 minutes ago) and increased the damage and smoothness quite a bit, so be sure to check it out again when you have a chance :slight_smile:


Same here!! Loving this game so much


Like OP, I have been playing aRPG’s since Diablo 1 was released… spent many many years in D1/D2 and PoE.

Right away, I can tell there is going to be something special with Last Epoch. The direction the Dev team is going, trying to find a good balance between other games in the genre and their rather quick work engaging their players/community as a bit of a hive mind.

Looking forward to seeing where this goes!


It will be for a while for me. I was waiting for a nice fresh start of a game. Wolcen was not doing it for me.
Aside from my performance issues, and hopefully they will get addressed. I will continue to stay with this game.
Love the game, Love the forum, It’s not too fast, It’s not too slow. It’s :ok_hand:


The game is very well designed for Beta. I am enjoying it more than PoE. I look forward to the game going live next year.

+1 to the support team as well. The posts are being answered in a timely manor.


The thing about POE- its all about one hitting packs of monsters and not getting 1-2 or 3 shot. I am a HUGE fan of poe but, most patches just dont add to much difference in the game I find myself taking long months off sometimes.
A good action rpg that is not about one shooting packs, and being 1/2/or 3 shot in half a second sounds like a good rest from Poe to me.

I think Last Epoch looks great so far. Also looking forward to project lineage because they have moving environments. But whichever rpg adds multiple more new areas will be the best. I would rather see action rpg’s stagger one massive patch every year then 3 small ones a year and that builds good competition.


I think of Last Epoch as an idea for a break between PoE leagues. I would love to make Last Epoch at least so good and maybe someday it will become my main game.


I don’t think LE will be the next big thing. Most ARPG players I know didn’t even know the game existed. Something seems to be missmanaged at the PR Department ^^.


@Macknum This game just entered in beta, they didnt try to reach too many people for now, having too many players would even make the dev harder imo. And I am surprised that, I quote you " Most ARPG players I know didn’t even know the game existed". The biggest PoE streamers already played Last Epoch, pretty sure that any arpg fan has at least heard about LE.


That’s the strange but maybe it differs from region to region. I mostly talk about the german speaking countrys. Maybe we watch less twitch :D. I found LE only through a YT video because i proactivly searched for something new ^^. On the other hand… the more people in a beta the better. You get more diverse feedback, more oppinions and more suggestions. Sure you have more useless stuff coming in as well but… the more the merrier.


Well, so far things look promising. I think in its current state the game is better than Chaosbane. Without a doubt.

If Diablo 4 is really made well not sure if this could be as good but it’s no longer the same Blizzard team. If devs keep improving the game they have been then ultimately yea I could see Last Epoch being The One.

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