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Is it just me, or is Spellblade completely broken?


I can kill basically everything by just standing still and attacking with Mana Strike, because the combination of Ice Ward, ward generation from attacks, and leech makes me invincible.

I tried Sorcerer as well and found it way less effective and more work.

Has anyone tried any other classes for comparison?


Spellblade is definitely in a strong place currently. Ice Ward will be replaced in the future - as will Fire Shield - as they’re both quite passive for ‘active’ skills.


Well making them passive AND active, like Enchant Weapon might be a way to resolve that. Putting a caster class in melee range needs something like Ice Ward for defense.

I don’t think Spellblade is broken on its own, but there are uniques that push ward numbers to crazy levels for sure.


Yes I think it’s broken.

I’m currently up to 12k ward at lvl 58…uhm.


That was going to be my next class to try out.


Will they be returning in some form as passive nodes in the mage trees?


Nice! I look forward to it.
Aura skills feel weird in a game with so few skill options. I appreciate the idea behind having to recast Fire Shield, but wish it had more of an impact.

Would love to see something baked into elemental nova perhaps, like after casting Elemental Nova, you gain the effects of one of the armors for 6s. Adding some on-cast or on-expire mechanics would be a big boost!


In a game where you only get 5 skills you can utilize having some “passive” skills in each class is not a bad thing. I am liking the options that Fireshield offers for alternative gameplay. I don’t think I would remove them as tweeking might be the better approach. The best thing about this game is that every skill has its own tree. Use that to make the skill what you want don’t remove it.

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