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Invulnerability period when entering portal


Is this considered or on the agenda? Otherwise it will be a PK fest on multiplayer HC.

Something what PoE have implemented will do. 15 seconds grace when entering portal and not using skills or movement.

(PK is to be used in context of PvP only ya know)

I agree, especially since they have far too many zones with mobs sitting directly inside the waypoint marker

Where I’m afraid of and likely will happen in public multiplayer: a person gather the mobs and opens a portal. He then lures someone in there not knowing of the situation. And now the other person is dead.

This really would be a sneaky move.

Way too incredibly specific, convoluted and difficult to pull off to really matter, honestly. You could probably count the amount of times this’d happen in a year on one hand.

No it’s not incredible. It’s the opposite. For fact it did happen a lot in D2 HC and Poe HC. It’s a classic trick and the public multiplayer scene of both games where suffering a lot to the point people don’t trust public parties because it’s a trap. This resulted in a stale or dead public HC scene. Introducing a grace period when changing zones shouldn’t be hard to pull of and prevent this kind of exploiting.

As MrMarcus said, it was a well known PK tactic back in the day in D2 (so, like ~15 years old?).

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