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Invisible Walls?

Had this Problem 2 times today on different Chars in different Areas.

Was able to use Lunge to dash to nearby Enemies without Problem.
Changing left Click from Move or break to move only didnt helped.

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I’ve been having this issue too, character just randomly runs on the spot. I don’t think it’s “invisible walls” though, because I can continue to run in that direction after a few seconds.

Did you happen to be using bees as well? I think it may be related to them, as I’ve only seen this kind of movement issue this patch with bees.

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Had this Problem before with a Necromancer. without bees, she was running around with a few warriors and a golem (definitely under 10 minions). unfortunately I have no video of it. thought it was my system

I was going to ask if it still happens without the bee gloves equipped but second guessed myself. Seemed to be worse with more bees too. It doesn’t seem to be happening anymore.

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