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Integrate Last Epoch game launcher to GOG Galaxy 2.0

With GOG Galaxy 2.0 now in open beta mode, anybody here could make Last Epoch integration into GOG Galaxy 2.0? I would love to have Last Epoch integration so that I can see how many hours I have already spent with the game and use GOG Galaxy 2.0 as a shortcut to launch Last Epoch game launcher.

I know you could use Last Epoch on Steam, which can show information of the game through GOG Galaxy 2.0 through Steam integration but I prefer to use Last Epoch game launcher to launch the game.

I somewhat agree, I like the idea of knowing how long you’ve spent on the game.

To be honest I would prefer to use the standalone client and have the ability to know how long you’ve spent on your account in total like the classic /playtime command in the chat window or something similar.

This is to then look, see the figure of 5,000 hours and say to yourself: Horror, I could become a professional in any field during this time, but I sat playing stupidly !? ))

I do not think that the time of the running client shows at least something. Here is the game time for a specific character - yes. This could be added, but after the release if there is not something more important.

And about gog2 - so they promise the possibility of adding any game as it has long been done in Steam.

I don’t see it like that, I see it as a milestone.

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