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Inherited bonuses base on class/passive tree specialization

Hello team,

Have you considered adding Inherited bonuses base on class/passive tree specialization?

By class -

Like in D3 where for example Melee characters have decreased DMG (just an example, D3 inherit bonus is dull as f*uck).
The sentinel for example can have inherit block chance, regardless of using a shield or not or can dual-whiled two handed weapons/dual-hand and a shield with a debuf.

Passive tree specialization -

When you unlock the higher tier of passive in a specific passive tree to get some kind of a buff that further emphasizes on the fantasy of the character progression and rewarding the player for his/her dedication to this passive tree.

Kind regards,

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That would be REALLY awesome.
What a great idea!

I remember WoW had that when you picked your specialization back in the day when talent trees existed.

For example:
Rogue [Subtlety spec] would give you 2 extra combo points and other bonuses that the other 2 specs didn’t get.
[Combat spec] gave a % for offhand to attack twice, and more.
[Assassination] had extra chance to apply poisons, or could apply poisons other classes couldn’t (I don’t remember, but you get the idea)

You would get these bonuses upon selection of the tree/spec

It felt great picking a specialization because of these specific bonuses

Honestly, instead just some inherit bonuses, just make spec nodes more interesting. Inherit bonus have one flaw - it is pushing you into specific playstyle. If you make use of it, great, if you don’t, you are playing your class wrong.

Mastery nodes are basically inherit bonuses, you can just pick bonuses, which you want.

My idea was not to include major buffs or broken bonuses, I imagine it more like race benefits like in WoW, unlocking mastery on Void Knight to give you 5‰ to void dmg and resistance. I don’t see how this could change the way you calculate your build, rather a small reward that boosts the fantasy of the specializaton and rewards you for your dedication.
Spec nodes is another topic for another thread.

It’s already in the game, you just think of the passive tree differently. There is no reason to give the different base classes any inherited bonuses since they already get it in the passive tree.

In mind mind those are two separate things and I don’t see how one excludes the other.

Also when I clicked the specialization button after spending 20+ point in the passive tree and I didn’t get anything I felt let down.

But you got to unlock your masteries? I mean, that’s a big jump in power.

Ok think of if in that way.

You work hard and invest at your job and you reach a point were someone from management approaches you and tell you, mate your effort has been recognized and we are going to reward you will a list of possibilities that you can achieve if you continue to improve… Well thanks but what about now?

I get what your saying, I get what your after. As I said, I think you already get it in the game, just not in the way you want it, but it’s the same result.

Will really +5 void resists make it for you? There is no flavor, there is just some pointless buff, which you will offset by some random rolls on items or you put one point into different node. After that “unlock” you will never think about it again.

I am all for giving classes flavor, but they should utilize systems, they already have in the game. Mastery nodes are good example. It’s a lot of boring generic stuff and not enough some flavor bringing fun stuff.

I am not pretending that D2 or PoE has some exciting passive nodes - IMO, skill trees already top D2/PoE systems but still, if masteries need more flavor, just give them more interesting nodes.

I agree, I just gave that as a random example that it does not have to be a build revolving bonus, which corners you to 1 or 2 choices.

From what I remember from sneak peeks provided by Wolcen’s teem, they are trying to do something like this with the Apocalyptic Forms or whatever it was called and yes their version is of a god mode but the idea is the same - building on the fantasy of your character and showing the difference between lvl 20 Void Knight and lvl 60 Void Knight

I like the idea of giving specializations more punch. We should wait until the final skill trees come out. For example, forge strike skill tree could make specializing alone worth it.

Mmhm, I have to side with “You get passives based on your tree”-crowd here. I get where you’re coming from, once you pick your ascendancy, nothing really changes. First, I’d give it a big effect on selection, can be over the top even, example Primalist:
When ascended to beastmaster: A herd of wild spirit animals appear in a circle around you and howl/growl, while two big claw strikes rip a bloody X over your head.
Shaman: A blizzard and thunderstorm form around you, with ice shards and lightning around you, climaxing in a big lightning hitting you and leaving you with those lightning sparkles around you for a few second.
Druid: A small Forest of high grass, Plants, Flowers, Trees form around you, and maybe start swirling into a green vortex that your character sucks in or something.

Just cosmetics, to show you hit a milestone.

Apart from that, I’d suggest giving you one specialized skill right at ascendancy, something thematic.
Like Tornado for shaman, entangling roots for druid and the bear for beastmaster. (Just as examples)
That does nudge you in a certain direction (like not going full pet for shaman, so you wouldn’t use tornado), but I don’t think it’s a big deal if you don’t use the skill in the end. You still get something flashy for a few levels :slight_smile:


Not everything has been implemented yet in Beta.

Class base bonuses/penalties could still happen.

There is still a lot of room for tweaks.
Reduced movement speed with heavy armor for example.

Reducing Movement Speed based on Heavy Armour is pretty awful, honestly. It doesn’t improve gameplay to malus having X defensive stat, unless Phys Resist is that much more powerful than Dodge. Dodge already improves resistance against Void, which Armour does nothing against, ergo, already being more powerful, and making you move slower sounds awful.

If Armour was there to support slower, heavier hitting builds, such as 2H, then definitely, reduce attack speed and increase damage equally, but movement speed is such an inherent part of the “quality of life” of playing that I’d hate to see Armour = Move Reduction.


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