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Infernal Shade - Blaze Shade node not working

Hello EHG,

When you select the node “Blaze Shade” in Infernal Shade skill tree, it simply make the skill not working, nothing happens. When I say “nothing happens” I mean it’s not just the node does nothing, the skill just disapear and deal 0 damage. So 20% of the Infernal Shade you play just goes into the void ^^

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I’ve had the same experience.
If “Blaze Shade” should appear, nothing happens and “Infernal Shade” is not triggered either.

Hi, I’m having the same issue too. Each time a blaze shade procs, the animation starts (the burning/fire corpse that rises on top of the target) but disappears instantly without dealing any damages.

I’m removing this node from my build for the moment but it hurts :frowning:

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This is a known issue that we haven’t had the chance to resolve yet. Sorry about that!