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Increasimg the difficulty ideas

Instead of increasing the overall diffculty of the game for all classes which would make some builds rather difficult especially early game. What if instead we were given an option to increase the difficulty by a %
Upon character creation we could choose giving the world of eterra between 1 and 100% more difficulty (take more damage and mobs have more health based on what % you chose to start the game. This would be a % you cannon change once the character is created and it is a % that would be listed next to your character on the leaderboard for everyone to see how badass you are :slight_smile: also if its tie on wave reached instead of listimg by whos hogher level it would go who had higher % difficulty then by level


I like this idea, also as we increase the difficulty the mf/xp increases?

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I dont believe they want a magic find, but it could also increase xp/item find at a 1/10 ration. obviously having 100% increase xp would make you way to strong early game and would in turn make the difficulty less. youd be able to get skills more points early and wear higher armor. I think item find would be good maybe even at same % to make people wanna push hard difficulties, but xp wouldnt be a good idea.

I personally rather not have such toggle/slider difficulty and have all these shades of difficulties present themselves as different content in game.


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