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Improvement for actual Damage mitigation via protection

Currently regardless of class you are playing. Ward retention become overly important where as the actually damage mitigation via protection become less important. I hope some balancing could be done here. Thanks.

Only for ward-based classes. Ward retention is largely irrelevant for Sentinels & Primalists as they don’t tend to use ward as a defence.

I don’t think it’s a bad thing for ward-based classes to not need to use protections, if they can generate enough ward in a given situation (Acolyte), though tweaking that is a whole set of problems by itself.


other than pally holy aura. ward gen in sentinel and primalist are useless there is no way to gain or maintain it. unless you are using a low life build and in that case this doesn’t benefit sentinel at all. and in prinalists case it just acts as health so there isn’t much difference other than the dr from the berzerker node but that doesn’t have anything to do with ward,