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Impossible to enter the game with my main char after 0.7.5


When I try to enter the game with my main char nothing happen. I just get the bottom UI but noting else (see screenshot)

I can access skills but it’s primalist’s skills …

We’re currently investigating this issue, apologies for the inconvenience.

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I’m having the same problem. I patched the game up and started it, and directly created a new character. I didn’t try to directly login with my main character.
After that I cannot enter world with any character, I get stuck in some state between being logged in and being on the character select screen. Skillbar and mana/health pools are showing up…

I got my game patched, so I thought that it might be resolved by reinstalling. It did not.
Creating new characters also doesn’t solve this. I get stuck on the exact same place.

This issue was resolved in Patch 0.7.5b.

Sorry about that!

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