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Immortal mob in Arena

Some mob was immortal in arena , and then when i attacked him the game freezed and i had -2147483648 ward and 617/617 health
hopefully after login out and coming back everything went to normal.
here are the pictures ,
my health :
the mob :

Unfortunately for a bug like this I would need to see your log file (which is reset each time the game starts). And in the case of arena bugs specifically, it’s useful to know which Arena you were in, what wave you were on, and what your character level was.

happened again (1.1 MB)
btw game crashed

i’m guessing it’s because of manifest weapon procing too much with the idol that as a chance to make it proc on melee hit and the passive that gives you a melee aoe attack when you are hit , also manifest weapon can proc on itself infinitlty so yeah game is pretty laggy , that’s a shame because that build had the potential to be rank 1 in arena :stuck_out_tongue:

you might also need this
output_log.txt (1.1 MB) error.log (62.7 KB)

Are you using the Sigils of Hope skill by any chance?

I have experinced the exact same thing twice also on that mob. On my paladin and forge guard. Where all the defence bug out, and you and the mobs become immortal. Both time i was against that rare mob. And i had to leave quit the game to fix it. And to asnwer MAdgoblin2, i did use sigils both time. And it was a different arena than yours. I can’t remember the character level, when i first experience the bug, but on the last one, i was lvl 69. And i did not use manifest amour :slight_smile:

In the meantime I have replicated the bug on purpose multiple times. It has nothing to do with arena, I have done it in monolith maps on purpose. Maybe there is something else for you, since I can’t see your sigil skill tree. But, here’s what’s causing it for me and it’s very realiable. The node in the sigil skill tree which consumes the sigils if you take 20% of your health as a hit and the one that has a chance to replenish a consumed sigil. Each time a sigil gets consumed you actually get the stats substracted from your base stats, and not just the sigil bonuses removed upon expiry or consumption. I have made a whole topic on it with screenshots and detailed explanation, but no one from the company responded in any way so I stopped udating it.

The reason why it happens in arena more often, and why I also first detected it in arena, and had just some minor stat losses in other modes, is that you get a ton more mobs who hit for a lot more, so the bug happens a lot more often. The problem with that specific mob I think, is that he does a lot of attacks which are problematic, specificly the fireball shotgun, which in interaction with our bugged sigils just adds a ton of stacks of minus stats.

The reason why the mobs seem immortal isn’t because they suddenly become unkillable, but the fact that along with our defenses, our dps is also set to -213748…, so when you attack them, their health is set to an impossible number. If you had any pet out (manifest armor or shields with the node that enables ignite on contact), you’d see that they still deal damage and are able to kill the mobs. As soo as you personally try to damage a mob your pets are attacking, they are instantly healed to ful and become immortal.

One interesting thing, since I have done it outside of the arena multiple times, I have tested out gear interactions just to see what you can do with minus stats. So, for example, if you equip Urzil’s Pride, you get minus mana regeneration and it takes away -213748… each second, making you unable to ever use skills. Interestingly, the mana is not set to that number, you actually go further and further into astronomically big minus numbers. Also, if you the Hummng Bee sword, your movement speed is set to our favorite number, making you unable to move or use any movement skills. If you try to, no animation is displayed but the game still counts you as moving, and you proc Eterra’s Path summoning.

If you are interested in reproducing the bug for testing purposes, it can be quite tedious at first as you need to find mobs that initially hit you for more than 20% of your life (10% if you take additional nodes, I think). As you start losing more and more block chance and defenses, it gets easier, and the last couple of stats you need to shed are trivial since an ordinary skeleton archer will hit you for more than 20% when you have 85% minus armor. For me, if I am talking hits one by one (and not a barrage of attacks that proc multiple sigils like the mob in arena that’s described here), stats get set to -213748… when I reach approach -100% armor. Kinda makes sense since that’s the hard cap if I remember reading it right.

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that add up. i also used that node!

yeah i do have sigil on that build

Thanks for the extra details-- the bug indeed seems to just be caused by the Renewed Hope node. Consuming Sigils via either the Faith node or Divine Flare node makes this bug happen.

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