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Immortal Empire's End not resetting

During the quest “Immortal Empire’s End”, if you successfully killed all the soul vessels but failed to kill Yulia’s Husk (you die), if you get the quest again, it doesn’t show the location of the soul vessels to respawn the boss to try again. Not sure if it’s intended but its super annoying. I wish once you failed to kill this boss the boss is permanently spawned when you get the map again or the quest is reset to where you have to kill the soul vessels again thus showing you quest markers to where to find them the vessels.

Yup, known issue:

Lmao. I love that post even mentioned the vortex I was yelling about on discord. Good to know I am not the only one.

Can confirm this one again. First run I did not die to Yulias cold insta-kill and everything was as expected. Second run, I died and the quest bugged as above. Hope this is gonna be fixed in the next patch cause I need to reroll the blessing.