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Immense loot + stats and gold increase and decrease

After killing some mobs in The upper district loot does not stop to show up. Immense loot everywhere.

Also, all stats are dropping to -300% and crit ones to -107704%. Gold is increasing randomly and constant- I had 48k. It increased to 480k in a matter of seconds.

Btw, I tried to upload some s/s but it doesn’t let me do that here.

Sorry about this! You can’t upload images directly due to storage concerns, but you can use a site like (which doesn’t require an account).

Could you please post a screenshot of all your skill trees, passives, and any uniques? It sounds like there is probably a bugged node or item causing at least the issue where your stats go negative.

Your log file would help a lot as well-- upload Player-prev.log if you’ve restarted the game since it happened.

Thank you!


Here’s the loot generating all over the place and not stopping. It created a lot of lag, so I left the zone.

Here’s the stats going on negative just randomly. Crit was still decreasing.


I’ll come back with with screenshots on my build.

Thanks. The log file will be helpful too so make sure to include it when you can. Was there a particular enemy that dropped a lot of loot or did all of them? Or did you open a chest?

Hi- Here’s the player log. Can’t quite remember, I think it was a chest.

Player.log (1.2 MB)

Character got wiped, btw

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