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Ignite question

I am wondering which affixes while increase the size of my Ignite ticks. Would it be:

Damage Over Time
Fire Damage
Elemental Damage
Spell Damage

Correct? Any others?

Also I assume Ignite is additive, so if I ignite 3 times in a row with 3 hits that would result in 3 stacks on the target? And if I manage to reduce a target’s Fire resistance below 0, does it take extra Fire damage from my spells? Does it take extra ignite damage?

Finally is the character sheet bugged? I am wearing Calamity with 150% chance to ignite with Fire skills yet the sheet only shows 21% ignite chance.

There’s also a Fire damage over time affix for Mage & Sentinels and an Elemental damage over time affix.

Any skill that hits (ie, that doesn’t have the Damage over Time tag) can ignite if you have enough % chance to ignite. Getting over 100% gives you a chance to multiple ignites per hit (200% = 2 stacks per hit). Yes, ignite damage stacks, so if you inflict 10 stacks (regardless of how), then they will all run independently doing their damage, unlike DoTs in Grim Dawn. Yes, if you can lower the target’s fire protection then it takes more damage from the ignite.

Calamity’s ignite chance is conditional on the skill being a fire skill, the character sheet only shows global effects (such as the chance to ignite from the Torch of the Pontifex which has no conditions on it). Your chance to ignite with non-fire skills is 21%, with fire skills it would be 171%. There’s a similar “issue” with Maehlin’s Hubris converting the bleed chance to ignite chance but not updating the character sheet.