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Idol Slot Quests List

I could not find anything except for this one video that explained which quests to do for Idol slots. So after making a new character and running through every single quest I could find I have compiled this list for so hopefully less people have to struggle to find that one obscure quest to get those last two slots.

A bit of a warning for those that care, there will be spoilers.

Main Story Quests: Saving Last Refuge, The Admiral’s Dreadnought, The Lance of Heorot.

Side Story Quests, An Ancient Hunt (time rift found in the Shattered Valley near the waypoint), The Corrupted Lake (time rift found in Lake Liath near the waypoint), The Sapphire Tablet (Quest given in the Oracle’s Abode by the Shrine Maiden), A Heoborean Cure (Given in Heoborea by an old man), Liberating the Nomads (Given in the Nomad Camp by the Nomad Survivor).

Those are all you need to do for the full 4X4 slots available currently.


Gentleman and a Scholar!

Thank you.

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Outstanding. Thank you!

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Great to have this compiled. Thanks wowow2264!

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Very nice! I think I’ll add this info to my video description :slight_smile:

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Thanks for all the responses! It makes me happy to see other people were helped by this :smiley:

Go ahead McFluffin, I don’t mind :slight_smile:

I will copy paste this to my beginner guides if that is ok?

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Sure, I’d like it if you put a small note or something that gives me credit for making the list but otherwise go for it :smiley:

This goes also goes for whomever wants to add this to their own stuff :wink:

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