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Ice thorn questions

  1. I am loving the new spell Ice Thorn but the passive Piercing Thorn doesn’t seem to be effective. The thorn already homes on the target but each target can only be hit once? What is the Piercing part?

  2. Ice Thorn’s Farwood Heart says the buff stacks but I am not feeling it. It says 25% global increase and improves freeze chance. So right now I have it at 4 Stacks. Am I getting 100% global damage increase? I don’t think so. What am I missing in this passive? The increase doesn’t seem to be that impressive?

Can we have the Buff Icons so we know when it’s active. I was playing Warhammer 40k and they show many buff icons with numbers to show how many are stacking.

  1. The piercing works so you can hit more than one enemy with a single thorn, since the thorns ‘pierce’ through a target, instead of just hitting one.

  2. So you probably have other instances of increased damage outside of the tree; such as on gear or passives. This means that another 25% increased, even global won’t impact your overall damage that much. Now if this had been a ‘more’ multiplier, this would mean that the final damage would be multiplied by 25%, but this is only an increase to the base damage. Which often isn’t that much later on - even the 100%. It depends how many other instances of increased damage you have.

We are getting buff icons next patch. This is a big project so the buff icons have been underway for a while I think. They have teased these a few times and I think you’ll like what they are doing.

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