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I really cannot wait for Buy Back feature to be implemented

I seem to have a habit of selling items and clicking around too fast before I realize what I’ve done… haha. Am I the only one?

I’ve managed to sell my main weapon (while leveling up… but still was nice) while trying to swap items around. And then sold a key… realized it instantly… oh well lol.


Yep, just sold a pretty nice chest the other day. Feels pretty bad :frowning:

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You are definitely not the only one i promise :wink:#feelsbad

I can understand people wanting a buy back, for me personally it’s not really needed… as it would be my own fault for selling the wrong thing. But i agree buy back is a nice ease of life feature.
I am not sure if buy back is simply not implemented yet, or not intended to happen.
Either way is fine for me.
I hardly vendor stuff (just gold pickups are enough for me) and the auto deposit materials and auto organize inventory are enough for me.

In the “shop” window there is a space for a 2nd tab at the top of the page. This used to have “NYI” (not yet implemented) in VERY pale letters but they seem to have disappeared in one of the patches,

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