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I really cannot wait for Buy Back feature to be implemented


I seem to have a habit of selling items and clicking around too fast before I realize what I’ve done… haha. Am I the only one?

I’ve managed to sell my main weapon (while leveling up… but still was nice) while trying to swap items around. And then sold a key… realized it instantly… oh well lol.


Yep, just sold a pretty nice chest the other day. Feels pretty bad :frowning:


You are definitely not the only one i promise :wink:#feelsbad


I can understand people wanting a buy back, for me personally it’s not really needed… as it would be my own fault for selling the wrong thing. But i agree buy back is a nice ease of life feature.
I am not sure if buy back is simply not implemented yet, or not intended to happen.
Either way is fine for me.
I hardly vendor stuff (just gold pickups are enough for me) and the auto deposit materials and auto organize inventory are enough for me.