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I lost Bear Form skill

I have a Primalist lvl 50 and I was surprised that I cannot invest points on my mastery beyond the lvl 25 druid and since I am not up to date I thought that it was changed somehow. Then I invested points on Beastmaster hoping to mix the masteries but my Bear Form disappeared and nothing seems to work in order to have it back, not respec, not leveling up…

I saw this post “When reseting passives at the chronomancer while in bear form you lose all skills” and it is odd that it happened kinda the opposite :joy:

What version number do you see in the top left of your screen?

On the character selection it says BETA 0.7.4, and the same in game.
Here you can confirm that I have the skill at lvl 19 but I cannot equip it on my skill bar.

If this is a character that did not have 25 points in Druid before 0.7.4 released, this is working as intended, because Werebear Form has become exclusive to characters who Mastered into Druid.

In 0.7.3, you became a Mastery Class as soon as you invested 25 points into it and then clicked the “Ascend to (class name)” button on their passives panel. In 0.7.4, you become a Mastery Class after completing a quest that is given to you when you first reach the End of Time.

Please try talking to Elder Gaspar in the End of Time, he should give you the Mastery Quest. There’s a bug affecting how many enemies you will fight, but this will be addressed in a bug fix patch soon.

Yeah you were right! Problem solved! :star_struck:

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