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I Feel Marrow Shards is crashing my computer

So i decided to make a marrow shards build earlier today and during a stream my computer crashed and turned off, I thought maybe it was a Windows thing. Then later on around 1 after eating, I played it again and bam it shut off a second time. So I thought well what if I play a different character/build for a while to see if it’s jsut my computer and did that for about 3 hours. I then jumped back onto my character for the Marrow Shard build and a bit later my computer once again turns off while cast marrow shards… not sure how to go about proving this or what not, but I’d like some assistance, as I was somewhat enjoying the build. And this isn’t like when the game would crash during while using lightning blast, my comp just turns off and it’s not over heating or showing any problems on my monitoring. Thank you.

Could you upload your log files?

Also, have you tried verifying/repairing your files in Steam?

Here ya go
Player.log (362.5 KB) Player-prev.log (54.9 KB)

Sorry about this! Unfortunately, I don’t see any information about a crash in those log files. Can you check if there are any crash reports in this location? Upload them as a .zip if so. C:/Users/YOURNAME/AppData/Local/Temp/Eleventh Hour Games/Last Epoch/Crashes

Unfortunately if your entire PC is shutting off there isn’t likely to be much information logged. It could also point to a potential hardware issue such as a power supply that doesn’t deliver enough watts, but that isn’t extremely likely.