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I don't believe the Ladder Rank 1 more than 1000+ waves

I check the ladder everyday after Beta 0.74.
As I know the Rank 1 yesterday was 800+ waves and it was because in the very old version, Mage can get and keep very high ward. So Mage is very tanky in that time. Now is impossible to get quite a lot ward.

Today I am shocked when I saw the Rank 1 become 1070 wave, a spellblade but skills without any melee skills? I don’t understand it. Impossible~!!!

The spellblade mastery is strong and if you like the low level spells you can pick in the other mastery you are good to go. On top of that look for the flame reave node that makes you shoot fireballs as well, this makes flame reave totaly bonkers.

I just don’t belive the Rank 1 becuse I am the Rank 3 druid.
The Elite monsters on the wave 400+ already 500K health, my druid already 100% crit and swipes doing 20k-50k damage. How a spellblade can have enough damge to kill the Elite monsters 1000+ waves.
I can not image.

there is a guy with 20001 waves :stuck_out_tongue:

simply cheaters

I hate cheaters:rofl:

If you have any concerns about a ladder entry, you are welcome to contact us through our support site to express them. We will not be able to discuss with you whether any action is taken as a result, however all concerns raised will be investigated.

‘Naming and shaming’ on the forum is not permitted, and so I am closing this thread.

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I just wanted to add that, currently, the ladder does contain some old data. This data predates adjustments to difficulty scaling in the Arena, as well as existing prior to balance changes for various character classes. This was unintended, and will not occur in future.