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I can't understand the skill nodes, help!


Acolyte, skill rip blood, nodes “Eviscerate” and “Splatter Blood”, they are both have the same effect or what? What’s the point of taking “Splatter Blood” with a chance to proc, if there’s “Eviscerate” with 100% chance to proc?

Head is spinning, please help. Maybe these nodes have bad description of what they doing?


These are very similar!

They both fundamentally do the same thing, though one increases the Mana Cost significantly in return for only requiring a single point of investment, and the other does not increase the Mana Cost but requires greater investment if you would like the effect to be guaranteed.

I’ll add this to the list of topics to be discussed at a future skill design meeting. The current presentation is a bit unintuitive, though admittedly I’m not how to improve it.


Hello there! If i invest in them both, will there be two splatters splatter from target or I should pick only one? I mean, do they stack, producing two effects or not?

You’re going to be my life saviour two times a row! =P


So, I can’t recieve information about having two splatters or not? Do Eviscerate and Splatter Blood nodes producing two blood splatters if picked both or not?


I think you should implement them as antirequisites. If you take one, the other is no longer available.
Or make Eviscerate the only one that you can path through, and attach Splatter Blood to it, with following effect: “Eviscerate does not increase mana cost, but you chance to splatter blood becomes 20% per point in this node”


Did you tried both? Do they stack, producing two splatters? I don’t know if I should pick both or one… :frowning:


I haven’t tried, but iirc they are worded as increased chance to produce splatter. One gives 100%, the other 17% per point. But I don’t think you benefit from having more that 100% in his case.
Only chance to inflict status effects (ignite etc) benefit from having over 100%, producing several stacks per hit.

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