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How to uninstall the game?

How do I uninstall the game there is no option in the folder to do it, and the game dosnt show up in my remove program in windows. Is it just delete the hole folder is there more laying around on my pc

In addition to the game folder there’ll be some entries in the Windows Registry.

We recommend not editing this, as doing so incorrectly can cause significant issues such as preventing Windows from booting up correctly.

So, how do we uninstall properly?

(As a side note, I’m not deleting the game, I just linked my steam account and am installing the game via steam. However, that leaves 15GB sitting around on my hard drive that I would like to have removed properly.)

Was the game folder pemanently deleted, or sent to the Recycle Bin?

I ended up deleting the game folder manually and installing from steam afterwards which caused it to be installed under the standard steam folder location that steam games get installed. I just wanted to know what the proper steps were to delete the game. I’m all set now, I think, but I’m sure people moving from the stand alone install to the steam install will benefit from knowing the proper way to uninstall since it doesn’t show up in the add/remove programs list in windows 10.

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