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How to level a Primalist up to monolith/arena (easy, no items required, 3 skills used, great defenses)

This is not a build but rather a way to easily sleepwalk through the content on a Primalist without any gear.

These are the things you need: Thorn Totem, Storm Totem, Maesltrom.

The key is Malestrom, in particular these three nodes - Storm’s Aid, Vortex and Violent Squall.

The mechanic is simple - get as many totems as possible, place them where the enemies are, activate Maelstrom on them. Each totem can have its own, meaning big guys can be surrounded and pummeled by multiple totems and maelstroms.

The Shaman itself gets an easy access to the best protections for the late campaign, since the enemies there are predominantly cold/lightning/fire based. With some gear found on the ground I could easily reach 70%+ protection for each + armor.

I am currently running all totems specced to cold but going lightning or even poison is also an option. The key is to grab all nodes on the tree which give flat spell damage to you and your totems. With the %increase to Maelstrom it will be quite easy to get good enough damage without any gear investment.

Unfortunately, I did die once to the final boss because of damage stacking (white AoE + breath on top of each other), mostly because I had no clue what it does. Anything else though was a piece of cake, easiest leveling build I’ve ever played.

I just went with the summon 5 thorn totems, and those pretty much took care of all the white/blue mobs. For high health blue, yellow and bosses, I would place totems and then spam tornado on them. Pretty much could kill everything at the far edge of the screen and beyond.