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How to get New chapters

i bought 0.71 beta and installed new patch but i was ended up chapter 2 only cant go new chapters is there any solution for it or have to buy again 0.72?


Could you clarify which zone your last chapter ended in?

completed chapter imperial era after i was talked desert NPC the game bring me back to end of time

Alright, so let’s clarify because there’s some confusion here.

Chapters and Eras are not synonymous. A Chapter is a part of the PvE campaign which characters play through prior to reaching the endgame content designed for higher level characters. Each chapter represents a significant part of the overarching story, and as a result thy can vary substantially in size. Eras represent different times in the history of the world. At release there will be 9 Chapters, which take place across 4 Eras.

Last Epoch uses time travel as a theme, and as you progress through the campaign you’ll be travelling both forwards and backwards through time. While we’ll be adding additional Chapters to the game - including another in next month’s content patch - we won’t be adding additional Eras to the game, or at least we won’t be doing so prior to post-release expansions.

For the sake of example, immediately after character creation, you begin Chapter 1 in the Divine Era in a zone called The Forest Trail. You progress through different zones until reaching the Ultari Cliffs, at which point a storyline event involves you travelling through time and reaching the Imperial Era. You move from the Ultari Cliffs to the Mountain Cave, where another storyline event brings you forward in time to the Ruined Era where there is now a farm in that cave. The first Chapter comes to an end here, and the next Chapter sees you moving underground - initially to reach The Council Chambers, and later to reach the Surface.

Have you tried playing through the Monolith of Fate and the Arena? Keys for the Arena will drop after you complete a few successive levels in the Monolith of Fate.

I thought eras are acts like D2& D3
How i explore ruined and ancient eras just keep doing monolith and arena after imperial era?
I thought we can jump one era to another era

I finished what was available in the campaign last night. I assumed I was in Chapter 2, I beat some Lich in the desert, went to end of time and can start doing Monoliths

Once you reached the end of time for the final time, there will come a point you can no longer pass. This is the end of the campaign for now. There will be more content added to the campaign next month I believe, with subsequent content to follow after concluding with 9 chapters across 4 era’s come release. Believe we are only at Chapter 6 as of now. Hopefully that clarifies it a little for you. More to come, along with more “endgame” content, legendaries, chapters, skill trees, etc.

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