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How to get a good rank on the ladder? Using a Sovnya!

The lv 74 Polearm ‘Sovnya’ provides up to 12% base crit (from all source), and make it possible for melee and throwing classes to get 100% crit, not even hard. All you need to do is to find a Sovnya with the right Affix :rofl:
Recently, I get the 1st, 4th and the 6th on the ladder till 30th Nov., 8 p.m. (yeah you heard me right :rofl:), only because my class can be built with a right Sovnya. It’s really have no positive affect on LE improving, in my opinion at least.
Maybe adding ‘base crit chance’ to more types of gears, such as rings or relics and so on, will be a better choice, or ‘Last Epoch’ is really going to be ‘Last Sovnya’ instead. :rofl:


By the way, the 1st on the ladder is not Druid, but a Forge Guard.
It’s really interesting to get a such rank when the ladder is full of Druid. :rofl:

Sovyna is a little too powerful imo. Definitely needs to be toned down


It´s not too powerful, the other weapons r just too weak :wink:

Anyway, I think compared with other weapons, Sovnya still need to be balanced.:rofl:

Spears are to powerfull overall. Weapons that offer a tasty bit of crit need to have some kind of offset like a bit less base dmg for example. Changing the attackspeed will have to little impact.

Btw nerf armor with high armor rolls. Look at the ladder almost everyone plays with armor that offers the most armor protection. There is no balance to armor with lower armor values :D.

@UnepicGang I would realy like to see some gameplay vids of all your 100% crit chance chars and I’m very intrested if those chars have been play SSF or if you simply swap awesome rolled gear from toon to toon.

Well my only Build ive played onto the ladder is Paladin (7th) so far and Staff just didn’t work for me at all… 150+ was always one shot by even little things. 1H+Shield was the only way i could get Warpath to 350. Of course i also lost 2.5 times my damage as well going from that staff to Raider Axe which no matter how you roll that Raider Axe even in the Case of Crit Warpath it will never give the DPS Undisputed Unique Axe gives that isn’t even a Crit weapon…

So i must agree with Architron that the bases especially in the 1H weapons area need some love for sure. But, i also have to agree with Unepicgang as well well that this Staff is just broken… How on earth can the Crit Base for 2H also have the more Melee Phys damage as well as the same base Attack Speed as other bases? Makes zero sense of course this sovnya is broken in its current state. The numbers on the base alone without even using it tell you its the hands down best possible weapon even for builds not even trying to go 100% crit in most cases.

Cutting that Base Melee in half would be a great start Raider Axe has less Melee Phys that other non crit bases why isn’t this the case with the 2H crit weapon as well? Should have the lowest Base Damage just like Raider Axe.

Thanks for replying with this theme, and I’m sorry to say I still can’t figure out how to put a picture in this forum other than links. :rofl:
So, I think I should describe the way I build up my classes. In my opinion, the most important affix are ‘Glancing blow chance’ and ’ Critical hit avoidance’, which will make you always take 50% less damage (with both affix at 100%), and greatly improve chances to survive.
That will need lots of shards to be spared, or wasted, but I think that worth it :yum:

Reducing the base damage of Sovnya will also be a possible choice. All I need to say is that just balance it :rofl:

Right now it looks like they rather gut the classes with nerfs rather then working on the basic problems like: Specific builds only use a certain armor and a certain weapon over everything. I talked about this in another thread from a P&P rpg point of view and I still think it’s kind of a joke that specific armors don’t have specific downsides or balacing through stats and secondary stats they deliver.
I just don’t get it at all because Sentinels are in a good place and every other class sems… meh. If they are over or underperforming something seems to be wrong. I’m a bit sad about this and have no high hopes that real and meaningfull balancing will be a thing in the future.

Tbh I seriously doubt that developers do not know that they have only 1 option for endgame 2h base right now which is stronger than other item types. It is beta of the game you dont need several different bases to check how the game runs, there are many more issues that needed to be tested first. Adding 1-2 more endgame craft options for bases isnt the priority for sure!

Just my opinion.

If we don’t know all the bases we can’t give feedback other then: “Everything is fine if X is there.”. That’s no good feedback to begin with. Just look at it:

  • Class is overperforming
  • Nerf class
  • Item is overperforming
  • Nerf item
  • Classes are in even bigger troubbles now

The whole game and the game foundation looks a bit like a construction site right now and even if it’s beta I can’t see this leading to anything promising in the end. It’s easy to see that polearms are an offender on every tier if you go for crit. Simple solution nerf the base dmg and see what’s happening.

On the other side it’s the same thing as in every ARPG high base dmg + crit chance + crit dmg + attack speed = best for pure dmg builds. Now there is a weapon that makes 2 things in this calculation very easy like the base dmg and crit chance. 12% base crit… any math pro out there that can tell how much attacl speed an item would need to make up for it vs a weapon with 0 Crit chance?

There is a lot of stuff going on that isn’t working well together and I don’t see any chance future balancing attemps will succeed if the basics of the game aren’t changed a bit.

I don’t think the situation is as dire as you make it out to be. They have many of the core systems in place now which is huge . I do agree they need to look at Some of their models and find the endpoints they want and go from there.
What do they want max crit to be at end game? 50%? 30%? I think 100% crit builds are a mistake because they will be the meta if it’s possible.
Where do they want damage to be at for each class at end game ? Single target ? AOE?
They need to agree on those levels and then roughly smooth it out over the course of the campaign.
The crafting system really complicates the matter and my feeling is they may need to overhaul the crafting system completely due to unforeseen issues it presents . There is a reason why other games don’t have a crafting system as complex and robust as this one and that worries me when it comes to balancing the game and the classes.

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Must be more weapons with base crit, easy as that. More variety and especially for SPELLCASTERS and MINIONS. None of these have base crit at all

The game is in early stage, the balance issues are important, but they arent the top priority for sure now, why the hell a dev team would spend more time on balancing chars and items if their skills dont work properly now, lots of bugs with mobs, some classes and masteries havent even been made, the storyline is not completed and so on and on. Balancing the game is more of a post release thing, not a pre release, there are too many technical issues that have to be solved before even starting balancing.

Beta testing isnt about balance its FIRSTLY to test game for bugs not balance!

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As you said, “The whole game and the game foundation looks a bit like a construction site right now”, that’s the thing keep me holding a hope for LE becoming a much better game.
In my opinion, the rules I expected the least in APRG game, is the feeling “Devs teaching you how to play” :rofl:. For now this is not happening on LE, and I really wish Devs make the basic rules of LE much more optional.

Sure and secondly to optimise the game but balance is a big thing as well and it’s easier to balance stuff if the foundations are good. Feedback threads about balancing get a lot of oppinions and seems rather important to the community so maybe it’s time to change ~30 year old methods and bring them up to date? At the end of the day the devs descide what they do and we only give feedback.

I just think it will be a waste of time to nerf classes, then change weapon base stats and then buffclasses again because they underperform all of the sudden. This reminds me of one step forward two steps back.

Did you use a Sovnya for your Lich build as well and take the crit nodes from Harvest ? Were you able to hit 100% crit ?

Yeah, I did, I think you’ve noticed the 616 waves Lich on the Ladder :rofl:
Making ‘Harvest’ 100% crit is simple.
For the base and added crit chance part, 5% base crit, +10-12% from Sovnya, +13% from the prefix ‘Melee crit chance’, +9% from the ‘Harvest’ tree.
For the increased crit chance part, 50% from the Lich passive tree, 100% from the ‘Reaper Form’ tree, and 20-35% from the amulet ‘Silver Amulet’.
Have fun!:rofl:

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