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How soon can we see Chinese localization in Last Epoch

Hi, I’ m a Last Epoch player in China, I love this game, it’s potential and talented.
There’re a lot of players loving diablo-like ARPG like me in China.
They know this game because we have community about APRG.
We share and recommend good games with each other.
And they can’t play comfortably beacause they can’t read English well.
I wonder how soon can we see Chinese localization in Last Epoch?
So that we can convince more and more Chinese players to play.
In fact there’re so many ARPG games translating into Chinese by us and we provide the localization to the game studio, like wolcen, grim dawn.
If it’s still a long way for the Chinese localization, maybe you can just provide the game texts, we can translate for you.

We’re looking forward to the official version and a new era of Diablo-like game.


Hello ! I think they said they won’t work on it before release. They might consider localization but later on developement, when they won’t be in a rush to release the game.

Got it, thanks.

It nearly shows up everyday that someone says he wants a good game and we recommend Last Epoch, then he buy and has to give up after playing a little time.
So I’d like to ask for some accurate or official answer about the localization, so that we can convince them to just wait for this game to realease.

I understand ! People often ask about it, but I haven’t heard since a long time what is the current EHG position regarding localization, maybe they have some updates and haven’t shared them yet ! :wink:

I think the devs are open to have community translation work but yea. Seems like they are deferring that till after launch.

They’ve said that they are concerned about using community translation because of the risk that if the person/people doing the translation stop working on it then it makes the game look bad due to incomplete translation (& that’s assuming the translation is good/appropriate).

oh hmm. I must have missed that. I recall a msg or two from them wanting to connect with community translators.

There was a post from Sarno (I think) on the discord about it. That said, IMO it’s probably too early to think about localisation as there’s still quite a lot of localisable “stuff” for them to put in the game yet.

Hey @AAAAAvine,

I know it’s not a satisfying answer, but unfortunately I don’t have any news about localization to share just yet. It’s something we’re looking into, but that’s all I can say right now.

Also, @Llama8 is right on the money regarding my concerns about community-provided translations. That said, we do sincerely appreciate the kind offers we have received.

Thank you for answering me.
I can understand all your concerns about localization and appriciate that you guys would like to give us a complete game version with the acceptable localization.
We really suffer a lot from some bad machine-translated games. That’s really not a good solution.
So we will wait patiently the this promising game.
I’d just like to remind you that there’re so many Chinese players waiting for Last Epoch. You’d better consider adding Chinese into game as soon as you’re working on the localization.
Then we, those who like Last Epoch, will try our best to recommend this game to more and more Chinese players.
Wish you success in game process and wish you all good health and happy.

I think developers should not be afraid of community-translations
Grim Dawn showed that he can make a very good translation
Also the same translator work on Wolcen localization

Community can also evaluate the translation itself and if it’s not ready, just don’t release it

If sometimes developers want to make Russian localization just PM me
We have very big community for Grim Dawn and I hope many of us go to Last Epoch than game is released

Our translator for Russian language is Alkozaurus and i think he will be accepted to translate LE too

It took them ages to get it done though, so…no. That and GD had far smaller, far in-between updates as opposed to LP…any localization efforts would be slapped in their faces as changes would be constant and potentially get a translation put into a place where people give up, other people won’t pick it up, and the fears they had about incomplete/outdated/incorrect translations would come true.

Just let it sit for a bit, it’ll get done.

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