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How far through the campaign am I?

I can’t tell what my progress through the campaign is. My suggestion is to create some easy way for people to see how much of the campaign is completed / remaining.

I don’t know how they could easily do that. I really like the Guild Wars 2 system where they have “Chapters” and “Episodes”. It is easy to see where you are in the main storyline. Side quests are not included until they are triggered though.

It is easy to see where the “chapters” are in LE. It is less easy to clearly separate the story within each chapter. I think that may just be the nature of the campaign.

Yeah, it would be nice if the chapters were a bit more obvious. Generally speaking though

  • you start in the Divine Era,
  • then go to the Ruined Era (heading in a clockwise circle from the Council Chambers then afterwards you head right towards the Temple of Eterra),
  • then back to the Imperial Era (broadly going from bottom left to bottom right then north),
  • then finally back to the Divine Era (going from top right to the left to Heoborea, then west and north, then back to Heoborea then south then west towards the sea).
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Some “progress bar per act” and/or a much better form of sorting on the quest journal (under J) would do it i think.

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Why do you need it though?

If it’s your 1st play through, enjoy the story line as is.
If it’s not your 1st then u already know how far u’r in it.

Anyway, agree that the “chapter” is not too obvious. We may as well as having each chapter for each era.


It is my first playthrough. At the moment I’m just blindly smashing through the content with no clue how far into it I am. It feels very easy and like I’m smashing through it far too quickly.

I need it to determine:

  • Whether it’s worth starting a new class now, or if I’m close to the end I’d just finish the run first.
  • How big chunks to break my play time into.
  • An estimate of the time commitment the game is going to require to complete the run.

Hmm, when I was playing through the first time I used the map and the numbers of unlocked/locked waypoints. You can tab through all the eras and see how much map there is left to explore. Most zones are close enough to the same size.

Overall, the game is very forgiving of logging out at basically any point. You can usually pick up pretty close to where you left off. The way the map is organized, I looked at clusters of nodes to gauge how long I’d be on one arc that I might not want to interrupt.