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How does shield throw damage scale?

The game is very great so far, but there’s a few informations missing.
I’m doing a sentinel/paladin shield throw build. And i’m not sure exactly what’s good for it.
Since i’m throwing my shield,
does the weapon damage has an impact?
does the Added x (damage) on weapon has an impact?
I know, throwing damage is a good affix.
I’m talking about this skill, but other have similar missing informations, do you plan on showing every skill damage (like PoE does, sorry to use this example)?
Thanks, this game is very good, I like it.
Happy new year!

look at the tags when you hover over the skill. not at my computer right now, but pretty sure it says throwing damage, strength, and maybe 1 other things. those things are what will increase its damage.

Physical and Throwing attack.

So if melee is in the affix, it won’t work.
Since the weapon have “+40 melee physical damage” (raider axe), it’s not included in my shield throw, but only my melee.
Increased physical damage crafting item do work.

Thanks, i’ll try a few attack with some item to get the base attack damage.

yes also both str and dex give 4% damage boost per point i believe

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