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How do you feel about re-spawning areas?

I haven’t really played the game yet so not really sure how spawning works in Epoch.
While I know lots of people might not be a fan of this, as they just want to run fast in groups for a couple of hours; but I like the old fashioned ways of re-spawning. I like when waypoints only existed every 4-7 areas, and it took 15 minutes for them to regenerate. This is one area where a game like Poe can be very repetitious and one reason why I turned off D3 after 4 days, never to play again.

Outside of rare unique’s, I don’t like being able to farm one small area because it,

  1. Does not connect scenery between areas well,
  2. Takes you out of the whole continual story (HUGE fan of the old FF/Chrono trigger games)
  3. Leads to speed running and killing only 5% instead of 75% of an area to move on,
  4. Can leave you killing the same 12 packs 10,000 straight times for something like a headhunter card.
  5. Leads to the point where outside of Hardcore, a Tier 1 map feels like a t15, and worst of all
  6. Feels like another quick one shooting packs for a 4 minute purge, rather than a 30 minute hard rewarded chore or adventure.

This is a big reason why people enjoy running the labyrinth, incursion temples, delving, syndicate hideouts, and going after elder or shaper in Poe. Perhaps its just the evolution of boredom in me, but It would be just as easy to set up a system where the unique your looking for drops between 4-5 areas instead of one. Maybe having the drop rate go down for next run, if you don’t complete at least 90% of all the connected areas, before re-spawning. This could work really well into a system like the time travel endgame in Epoch, considering there are 4 different time periods atm. A chance to skip short endgame areas all together, before the game launches.

Just my two cents, curious what others think.

I’d say it doesn’t really matter, because the endgame in Last Epoch are Monolith Runs and Arena (at the moment at least).
Monolith runs are basically like simplified maps of PoE, you get a random area with random mobs, and some modifiers (like enemies have 50% more health, or shorter cooldowns etc.), so you run through different areas automatically.
The arena is just a small area with endless spawns that get stronger with each wave, it’s basically a fast-level option while monolith runs are better for loot.

So there is no real reason to farm anything in the “normal” or “story” world, I think that will come with the eternal stashes, we’ll see how that will work.

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