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How do you feel about 'Abyssal Echoes'?

I was wondering how people feel about the Void Knight skill ‘Abyssal Echoes’.

In my personal experience said skill does little to no damage, even with full investment into it.
At first I misunderstood the skill description thinking “Sweet, 50 void damage per second, I can work witht hat.” Turned out it was actually 50 void damage total damage, which would be a little over 8 damage per second against targets with no void protection.

I understand that it might be an additional spell you use in your normal build, since it says “…if they take a hit all the damage from abyssal decay is dealt to them immediately.”
But since I do not see any other skill that would be able to deal an acceptable amount of damage, which could benefit from a little extra burst, I have trouble believing Abyssal Echoes right now is what the devs intented it to be.
Let’s say you find something to use as main skill - considering it has to hit to activate the instant “burst”, with other words a non-dot build. Would you really want to spend a base mana cost of 60 for 50 additional damage? Even if your build scales with Void oder Spell Damage, or both, you won’t get any satisfaction out of the Abyssal Decay damage.

So here is my question again, how do you feel about the Void Knight skill “Abyssal Echoes”?
Did you find a way to utilize said skill?


Abyssal Echoes is definitely kind of odd.

The main way to make it work is to use the repeat echo and get an insane amount of stacks of the DoT debuff and actual DoT up, but that costs so much mana, it’s ridiculous.

Really, I think the main change the skill needs is to not cost such an excessive amount of mana when you opt into the damage and stacking-focused nodes. That would help the viability of the skill a fair bit.

I agree. I think in the current state its a complete waste to invest in. Too much mana for not very much dps output compared to other sentinel skills. Long ago I used to get it just because it felt like I should and then I realized it was doing almost no damage and draining my mana like crazy.

Lets say you built around a spell based build (highly unoptimal). You could conceiveably make it sort of work with a max dps output devouring void and abysal echos. But it would be much worse than a hammer/shield throw build for example with even minimal damage investment. For the devouring orb/abysall echos to work you would need a wand with huge + base damage before you saw decent damage.

Theres really no way to make it viable for any build compared to other skills. Which are many, and most of them are excellent.

It has strong AoE with Abyss Echo/Cadence while spamming Devouring Orb and a slow debuff

not sure about that.

Devouring Orb when pretty max’d out hits 10 times a second or something and has almost infinite leech with Ravaging Stance

Well im very sure about that:P

Remember this is compared to something like a void aura hammer build. Which is just flat out better no matter what. This is from someone who has tested both at high arena waves.

I built a Hammer sentinel when I started and switched to Void Knight

Mainly because im lazy and I have an Autohotkey to just spam Devouring Orb, and you can also add in a macro to use Rebuke/Lunge so I can actually afk Arena on this character…and because I have 17?% health steal and infinite mana …again I can just sit in the arena afk killing mobs.

Now the reason for the post Void Echoes as I said with the Triple Echo allows massive AoE damage against clustered groups…

Anyway I got to 105 Arena at 67 and just switched character

Well I think arena 105 is pretty shitty:P To be honest. I did it with absolute trash gear in hardcore and got 121 waves at level 60. I think rebuke and lunge are not great for a good arena build because the protections they provide are already easily covered. Beyond that lunge leaves you open to attack and rebuke causes you to spend time and actions that could be used better (even though its only very slight) Would rather use shield throw and holy aura. Holy aura to get dodge/vitality. I dont think void echos provides" massive aoe damage" in fact Current shield throw is a no brainer to me even for the haste node alone as well as doing a lot more damage than Abyssal Echoes. The movement speed alone through haste is incredibly valuable at high arena waves from the shield throw node. If you can manually avoid damage that’s the best damage avoidance bar none. I think the damage of Void Echoes is comparable to non fresh from the forge non doubled hammer throw. Not great at all…in fact pretty terrible.

In fact if the ladder was actually working properly(dont get me started) I’d have a much higher arena waves hammer/shield throw character already.

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